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Discovery Road – Becoming Bryce

Credit: Discovery Road

In this episode, Discovery Road travels to Bryce Canyon National Park in search of a story about a shipbuilder. Ebeneezer Bryce is the pioneer the park is named after and his story is both historic and fascinating. As a shipbuilder Bryce found himself constructing the Pine Valley Chapel in southern Utah. Discovery Road toured the structure which is now the oldest operating Mormon church in the state of Utah. In this episode, Discovery Road travels to Bryce Canyon National Park in search of a story about a shipbuilder. Ebeneezer Bryce is the pioneer the park is named after and his story is both historic and fascinating. As a shipbuilder, Bryce found himself constructing the Pine Valley Chapel in southern Utah. 

Picture of Marker describing Pine Valley Chapel and wood from the area being used to buold the organ pipes of the organ on Temple Square
Credit: Discovery Road

Discovery Road toured the structure which is now the oldest operating church for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the state of Utah. 

Credit: Discovery Road

Our next story features murals that seem to be making a comeback along the historic corridor. Muralist Patti Lewis has transformed the look and feel of Kanab, Utah with her colorful, western-themed art on stores, shops and gas stations.

Discovery Road then visits Grass Valley Mercantile in Koosharem, Utah. It’s a century-old hardware store that serves as a community gathering place and popular tourist stop. The store has aisles of supplies and adventure for everyone.

Our last stop is at a gas station that no longer pumps gasoline. Ole’s Place is a historic museum that gives tourists a chance to fill up on gas station history.

2017 Little Hollywood Shootout – Kanab

Kane County Shoot Out Poster 2017

KANAB, Utah – The distinctive landscape of the Kanab area has made this part of southern Utah a favorite destination for filmmakers since the 1920’s. Building on this great filmmaking tradition, the annual “Little Hollywood Shootout,” kicks off at the historic Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah on March 22, 2017. The “shootout” is a quick-turnaround film competition offering prospective filmmakers the challenge of producing a short film with Kanab area locations as the backdrop

The competition starts on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at high noon where film production requirements including locations and a theme will be revealed to participants. Competitors will then have 49.5 hours to write, direct, edit, and complete a five-minute film. Film submissions are due at 1:30 pm on Friday, March 24, 2017 either in person or online. The shootout films will then be premiered at a community screening and awards ceremony in the evening on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Crescent Moon Theater in Kanab.

“It’s time once again for the thunder dome of quick turnaround film challenges happening in Kanab, providing aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to produce a film where film legends like John Ford and Clint Eastwood also worked,” explained Kane County Film Commissioner, Kelly Stowell, one of the organizers and founder of the event. “We look forward to the competition and have a great event planned,” commented Stowell.

Prospective filmmakers of all ages from beginners to veterans are invited to take part in the challenge. Primary filming locations are required to take place in Kane County and editing and post-production can take place at the participants desired location. Two divisions are available for participants with one category intended for novice filmmakers of all ages looking to gain experience and the other division is designed for competitors who have experience in film production.

Films are due at 1:30 pm on Friday, March 24, 2017 and can be submitted a revealed online method or films can be submitted in person back at the Parry Lodge at the time of the deadline.

Sponsors of the event include AT&T, Kane County Office of Tourism and Film Commission, Center for Education, Business, and the Arts, Kanab City, and the Utah Film Commission. “We appreciate our sponsors and this event would not be possible without their tremendous support to the shootout,” said Stowell.

Festivities of the Little Hollywood Shootout conclude when the films will be screened along with an awards ceremony at the Crescent Moon Theater, showcasing all submitted films on the evening of Saturday, March 24, 2017. Community members and participants are strongly encouraged and invited to attend. For more information about the Little Hollywood Shootout or to register your team, visit www.littlehollywoodshootout.org or call 435-899-0443.

Utah Suffrage – 1870 and Kanab Makes History in 1871 and Elects First Female County Clerk in Utah, Mary Elizabeth Woolley Chamberlain

In the spirit of Election season, it is interesting to note that in 1870 by becoming the second (Wyoming was the first) United States Territory to allow women to vote in municipal elections.The first election in Wyoming that women were eligible to vote was in September, 1870. It should be duly noted that the relative population of women in Wyoming at this time was considerably less than the population of women in Utah at the time.

The first woman to cast her vote in the modern United States was Seraph Young, who happened to be Brigham Young’s great niece. This historic vote took place on February 14, 1870, 50 years before the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

This legacy has been largely forgotten, but merits celebration. For more information about Utah Suffrage and women’s history in Utah, please visit: Better Days 2020. The organization has been instrumental in the creation of a new Utah state license plate commemorating the Utah Suffrage.

The Utah Territory would again make history in 1871. Kane County, which is located in the heart of the boundaries of the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area. Mary Elizabeth Woolley Chamberlain became the first woman in the United States to be elected to a county clerk position.

The Kanab all-woman town council served from 1911 to 1913. Left to right: Luella McAllister, treasurer; Blanche Hamblin, councilor; Mary W. Chamberlain, mayor; Tamar Hamblin, clerk; Ada Seegmiller, councilor.

Mrs. Chamberlain continued to serve and was elected as mayor of Kanab in 1871. Making her election more remarkable was that all of the elected town council seats went to women as well. Vinnie Jepson, Tamar Hamblin, Blanche Hamblin, and Luella McAllister were elected to the town council with Mayor Mary Elizabeth Woolley Chamberlain. Vinnie Jepson was later replaced by Ada Seegmiller.

The women were active leaders, promoting temperance, were responsible for building a dike and improving irrigation, and even helped clean up with the town with a declaration of “Stink Weed Day,” offering $2.50, $5, and $10 for the best property clean ups in town. The women were advocates of businesses and residents alike.

A commentary of the day is that historians report that all of the women completed all of her regular work at home and with children, without using outside help.

Learn more about these women at Deseret News and Utah History to Go

Kanab Gathering For Greyhound Day

Greyhound Gathering – Kanab  May 12 – 15 2016

Greyhound Gathering Kanab 2016

The Greyhounds and their owners have announced that the annual Greyhound Gathering is taking place in Kanab, Utah May 12 – 15.  The following information is taken directly from the Greyhound Gathering website.  This information is provided by The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area.  For additional information and registration please contact Greyhound Gathering directly.




Lovers of greyhounds and sight hounds from around the world come to Greyhound Gathering – Kanab. Sponsored in 2016 by  In Memory of Pat, Kane Country Travel Council, Kanab City, Greyhound Gang, Get Up & Go, La Estancia, Canyons Collections, Galgos Jubilados and Best Friends.WHAT:
This 3 plus-day celebration and FUNdraising event features Blur of Fur, Costume Parade, Speakers, Yappy Hour,  Best Friends Tours, Auctions, Food, Fun and Frolic. Planning for 2016 already includes Scooby Medina – Galgo demo/talk, Reception at La Estancia Dog Park, Art Show,  Auctions, Fantastic Meals and Artisans – including Sarah Snavely.  I’m working on Agility Demo, and more Sighthound Demos & Talks –  Lurchers, Staghounds, Podencos, Irish & Russian Wolfhounds and more.Hot Off the Press:
– Big Brown Bear Wrestling
– Dancing with Dogs
– Parade: We will be part of the Amazing Earthfest Centennial Parade in 2016
– Old Hollywood Movie Set Tour – Gunsmoke and many more

WHERE: Kanab, Utah

WHEN: May 12 – 15, 2016.


1) Read the Guidelines
2) Make an Accommodations Reservation
3) Register NOW – after you’ve made an accommodation reservation and read all website info
4) Join/Like our Facebook pages – Greyhound Gang & Greyhound Gathering – Kanab
5) Sign up for Newsletter notifications

Really Early Registration is $75 per person. (until 3/4).
Then March 5 – April 15 is $88.
April 15 – May 1 is $110.   This fee defrays some of the costs, it doesn’t cover them.  

Final closing is 5/2. 

Registration includes:
– Three excellent meals and extras – one dinner, two lunches. Reception, Yappy Hour, S’Mores, Cow Tails and more
– Events – Talks, Costume Parade, Blur of Fur, Hike, Angel’s Landing, Best Friends and Wild West Movie Tours & MORE
– Memory Photo (8×10)
– Candid Photos – Digital
– Greyt Read booklet
– Free gifts given to you at each event you attend (total value over $200)
– Prizes at Parade & Blur & Photo Contest and other events (value over $200)
– and more


Kane County
– In Memory Of Pat
Kanab City
– Greyhound Gang
Get Up & Go
 – Best Friends
– La Estancia
– Galgos Jubilados
– The Canyons Collection


Gathering Sponsors Logos




Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area Assists 30 Projects in the Past Year


For more information: Monte Bona Director, Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area

801-699-5065 Email: montebona@hotmail.com


The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area is making significant strides. During the recently completed annual reporting period, the MPNHA granted $235,000 for 30 projects, including the restoration of the Casino Star Theatre in Gunnison ($25,000); the first phase of restoration of a Civilian Conservation Corp. and World War II POW camp in Salina ($25,000); rehabilitation work on Miss Mary’s Historic School in Salina ($10,000); and restoration of Pierce Hall at Wasatch Academy ($15,000).

During the year, the MPNHA worked with partners from both the public and private sectors including the Utah Division of State History, the Casino Star Theatre Foundation, the Miss Mary’s Museum Committee, Salina City and Wasatch Academy supporters.

Along with these projects, the MPNHA published “Legends, Lore and True Tales in Mormon Country,” a collection of stories about the lives and experiences of people who settled Sanpete County. The volume has been placed in libraries and book stores both in the heritage area and along the Wasatch Front.

Work continued on MPNHA’s “Discovery Road” TV series with release of new episodes titled, “Wales and Outlaw Ways” and “Snow College Story.”

In 2016, the MPNHA will help fund restoration of the historic Mt. Pleasant City Hall and Armory ($5,000) along with providing continued funds ($10,000) for the restoration of the historic administration building on the Wasatch Academy campus.

It will also provide funding for architectural work for the third phase of the Escalante Hole-in-the-Rock Heritage Center ($5,000), for phase four of the Mt. Pleasant Equestrian Center ($5,000) and to help develop a biking trail at the Jacob Hamblin Park in Kanab ($5,000).

Additionally, work is already in progress on an episode of “Discovery Road” to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary. The MPNHA annual 2015 report can be found at


### The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area includes 400 miles of glorious scenic byways, a vast array of wildlife, the best of western living, cattle and sheep ranches, and colorful mountain vistas, all within a trip on Utah Heritage Highway 89.

Here’s The Ultimate Terrifying Southern Utah Road Trip And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

Here’s The Ultimate Terrifying Southern Utah Road Trip

And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

from www.onlyinyourstate.com by Katherine Rees on February 25, 2016.

Although not all of the locations listed are in the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area, many have connections with the heritage area.  Of the nine featured by Only In My State. Rees identified Salina, Sevier County, Marysvale, Piute County, Kanab, Kane County, and Grafton, Washington County in the Under The Rim Heritage Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area in Southern Utah that are reportedly haunted.  To check out the additional featured location visit www.onlyinyourstate.com.

Follow my road trip on Google Maps, and feel free to add a few extra spots, if you’d like.

5 Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area Towns are Recognized

Move to These 14 Towns in Utah if You Want to Get Away From it All

has listed 5 Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area Towns.  This is a great honor to be recognized, of course Director, Monte Bona sates that, “I think that each one of our communities should be recognized as outstanding towns to raise your child or retire. These are just wonderful areas with even better citizens.”

If you live in one of Utah’s larger cities, you might dream of moving somewhere far away from other people. Our state has lots of small, rural towns that offer a much quieter, peaceful existence. Of course, job opportunities, shopping and entertainment are much harder to come by in these little towns. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

The Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns In Utah for 2015

Here Are The Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns In Utah

Utah has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades; once small towns have grown to medium-sized ones (at least by Utah standards). Of course, you can still find many beautiful little towns across the state. This list isn’t meant to be a “Best Of.” It’s simply a list of a few small towns we think are great (in no particular order!). We chose towns with populations between 612 and 5,130, though many residents living in towns with populations of 10,000 or even 20,000 might enjoy that small-town atmosphere.


First Annual Amazing Earthfest

DATE 05/09/2007 7:15 AM

This is part of an occasional series by the Sanpete Country Travel and Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance on the people and places along U.S. Highway 89.

First Annual Amazing Earthfest

The First Annual Amazing Earthfest in “Dramatic” Southern UtahSouthern Utah’s Kane County

CONTACT: Cowboy Ted Hallisey 435-899-1102 Cowboyted8@aol.com

WEBSITE: www.amazingearthfest.com  or www.kaneutah.com
Alternate Contact/Coordinator: Rich Csenge 207-729-5825, jiw@gwi.net 

KANAB, Utah—Families and individuals from all fifty states and internationally are invited to celebrate the First Annual Amazing Earthfest Celebration, happening May 21-26, 2007 in Kanab, Utah. Here travelers will discover, learn from and celebrate national and state parks, national forests and public lands of the Colorado plateau located in Utah and Arizona.

Kanab plans to establish, host and support this broadly inclusive event each year in May, fostering education, scientific discovery and understanding, plus recreation and entertainment. The ultimate goal is to attract visitors from across the nation and abroad to Kane County, for the purpose of experiencing the National Parks and Public Lands that were recently described by Sunset Magazine as “dramatic.”

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of scheduled activities including: lectures and demonstrations, scientific and educational symposia, Native American and Pioneer cultural programs, guided backcountry trips, expeditions and musical performances. Additional activities include: exhibitions of visual arts, painting, sculpture, hand-made crafts, culinary delights and Pioneer history.

Scientific Presentations – Visiting scholars, scientists and staff from major regional educational institutions and the public land managing agencies will be invited to present on geology, ecology, biology, paleontology and archaeology, as well as land and resource management techniques. Programs are planned for a host of visitor centers in the area, as well as guided site visits and expeditions to remote locations in the region. Activities, exhibits, lectures and demonstrations will be designed to educate and inform local residents and visitors about the scientific discovery, study, history and natural wonders of Southern Utah and the Arizona Strip.

Creative Arts & Entertainment – Artists, musicians and storytellers will be on-hand to express their experience of the history, life and culture of the Intermountain West, through exhibitions, concerts and presentations, including competitions for prizes. Pioneer history and culinary arts will round out visitors’ enjoyment and the Tribe of the Colorado Plateau has been invited to participate.

Outdoor Recreation – Campers, hikers, horseback riders, cyclists, mountain bikers, climbers, road tourists and off-road vehicle enthusiasts are invited to make Southern Utah & Northern Arizona their destination for this springtime event; to engage in a favorite sport, while enjoying the welcoming hospitality of area service providers. OHVs are welcome on designated routes and trails.

Want a special treat? Hit the Arizona Strip and learn about the Condor Release Program.

Tentative Amazing Earthfest Participants ~ 2007

  • Best Friends Animal Society – bird display on site in Angel Canyon
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – nature walks
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area – Lake Powell events
  • Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument – Dinosaur talks and exhibits
  • Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts – Maynard Dixon Home
  • Pipe Spring National Monument – Native American and Pioneer food and lifestyle recreations & sampling

Also: Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Dixie National Forest, East Zion Tourism Council, Kaibab National Forest, Kanab City, Kane County Office of Tourism, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Mormon Pioneer Heritage Highway, Page-Lake Powell, Utah Office of Tourism, and Zion National Park.

For more information on First Annual Amazing Earthfest Celebration please call Cowboy Ted Hallisey-435-899-1102 or Rich Csenge 207-729-5825.

# # #

For more information Contact:

Monte Bona
Sanpete County Travel and Heritage Council
(435) 462-2502

President Signs Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area Bill


This is part of an occasional series by the Sanpete Country Travel and Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance on the people and places along U.S. Highway 89.

President Signs Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area Bill

A bill establishing the National Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area has been signed into law by President George W. Bush.

“I’m extremely pleased that after years of moving this bill through the legislative process President Bush has signed the National Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area into law,” said Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, who sponsored legislation to create the heritage area. “This is a fitting tribute to Utah’s pioneers and one that will help promote economic development and preserve our unique heritage for future generations.”

The national designation recognizes the history, architecture and culture along “the heritage highway,” and includes U.S. Highway 89 from Fairview to Kanab, the Boulder Loop (state highways 12 and 24), the All-American Road (highway 12) and the six counties through which the route passes: Sanpete, Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Garfield and Kane.

Many local residents, including Monte Bona, executive director of the Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance, and Gary Anderson of Utah State University’s Extension, spent years working on the measure and Bona even helped draft the original bill. Bona called Bush’s signing “An important and historic event. It’s very rewarding to see the Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area officially established.” The initiative underwent several renditions in the past six years and survived three sessions of Congress.

Bona says that the cities and towns in the six-county area are the best remaining example of how Mormon pioneers colonized the west. “The heritage area includes countless examples of rich cultural and architectural history shaped by the early settlers,” he says.

The bill specified that up to $10 million may be spent on development of the heritage area, including activities such as historic preservation of buildings and signage, but no more than $1 million per year. Funds are matched on a 50 per cent basis.

# # #

For more information Contact:

Monte Bona
Sanpete County Travel and Heritage Council
(435) 462-2502

Heritage Highway to Benefit From ‘Preserve America’ Grant


This is part of an occasional series by the Sanpete Country Travel and Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance on the people and places along U.S. Highway 89.

Heritage Highway to Benefit From ‘Preserve America’ Grant

A project that will involve posting historical signs and markers along U.S. Highway 89, The Heritage Highway, has been selected to receive a Preserve America Grant worth nearly $100,000.

The grant was announced this week by First Lady Laura Bush, who is the honorary chair of Preserve America, a White House initiative that encourages and supports community efforts to preserve cultural and natural heritage.

The Sanpete County project was one of two Utah initiatives to receive support in this inaugural funding round. In total, grants totalling nearly $3.5 million were awarded to projects in 28 states.

The grant will be used to develop regional interpretative and marketing sites along Heritage Highway 89, extending from Fairview in the north to Kanab in the south, says Monte Bona, a member of the Utah Highway 89 Alliance and Mt. Pleasant City Council. The objective is to improve visitor appreciation for the heritage corridor by providing a theme and message through brochures, kiosks, and signage in the six counties along the highway, Bona says.

“Mt. Pleasant City and Sanpete County served as the designated applicant for the Highway because of its Preserve America status, but the beneficiaries also include Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Garfield and Kane counties. This a project for the all of the Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area,” he says.

The grant is Sanpete County’s latest connection to Preserve America. Two cities in the county — Mt. Pleasant and Manti — have been deemed “Preserve America” communities by the federal agency. In addition, Kanab, on the southern end of Highway 89, has also earned the honor.

The distinction recognizes and designates communities that protect and celebrate their heritage, use their historic assets for economic development and community revitalization, and encourage people to experience and appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism programs.

Mt. Pleasant received its designation in August 2004 and Manti in November 2004. Mt. Pleasant was recognized for its preservation efforts and enjoyment of its historical and cultural resources as an important part of the country’s heritage. Manti was honored for its use of Old City Hall as a museum and travel and information center, and praised for the more than 4,200 community volunteer hours that went into revitalizing the building. The Manti Historic Preservation Commission, which was established in 2003, was also recognized by Preserve America for playing a vital role, as is the effort to have parts of the city listed in the National Register of Places as a historic district. Kanab was designated in 2005.

Communities designated through the program receive national recognition for their efforts. Benefits include use of the Preserve America logo, listing in a government Web-based directory to showcase preservation and heritage tourism efforts, and eligibility for special existing and proposed Preserve America grants and funding through various government agencies.

The overarching goals of Preserve America include a greater shared knowledge about the Nation’s past; strengthened regional identities and local pride; increased local participation in preserving the country’s cultural and natural heritage assets; and support for the economic vitality of communities.

For more information, visit www.PreserveAmerica.gov

# # #

For more information Contact:

Monte Bona
Sanpete County Travel and Heritage Council
(435) 462-2502

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